Friday, October 21, 2011

Humanitarian Beaders and Businesses Everywhere

Last year, We shared a news story from NPR about an organization that was helping women in Manilla who would otherwise have to eat  garbage or starve by teaching them to make jewelry from trash.  We got a very positive response from our readers, so we thought you all might be interested in these stories as well.

The first is about a project in Kentucky that helps refugee women earn money by teaching them how to make jewelry and helping them make the business contacts to sell it.

The next one is about two women who started a jewelry business together and then fell into selling beading supplies.  Now, through the supply shop they own, they regularly make donations to charities, help locals who need assistance and sell the work of local jewerly artists, helping both the artist and the local economy.

The last one is about a business that specifically purchases the jewelry work of low income Ugandan women who would not easily have another way to sell or distribute their jewelry.

Hillary has been a long time supporter of humanitarian efforts and said that she thinks it is fantastic that these people found a way to turn what is often considered a "luxury" or "hobby" into something that helps people in need of financial assistance.  We hope you enjoyed the stories!  Come back soon for more blog updates with interviews, new jewelry pieces and more news.  Thanks for stopping by!

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