Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One on One challenge

In lieu of a July team challenge, 15PiecesofFlair and Hippybeads are going to do a one on challenge. The theme Hillary has to create a piece around is "summer romance" and the theme 15PiecesofFlair has to work with is "weather". The deadline is august 8th. Look forward to some new and different creations!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Charity, personal challenges, upcoming features

We have some potential interviews in the works to be featured at a later date, but in the meantime, we wanted to share a few things with you:

- Mario Marathon is doing a fundraiser for Child's Play, a charity founded by gamers to provide children's hospitals with much needed toys, video game systems and other forms of entertainment for the children in said hospitals and their families. We contribute 20% of our sales to this Charity every year from about Thanksgiving to about Christmas. Since our founder is a die hard video and board gamer, she wanted to make sure you knew about this fundraiser for one of her favorite charities.

- It appears as though Retro Handmade may not be having a monthly challenge this month, so we came up with a personal challenge. We are going to work on these two sketches and turn them into a reality. Hillary says that, for an etxra challenge, she wants to create these necklaces in both the styles of Happy Hippy and Artful Unity.

- Hillary reached 200 followers on twitter and wants to celebrate! We are offering free shipping and free gifts to anyone who types "TW200" in the customer comments section of their order. Both Happy Hippy and Artful Unity are participating in this sale. Originally the sale was until midnight tonight, but we are extending it through midnight Wednesday!

- Lastly, we have been working hard at trying to produce weekly content for our blog. We don't simply want this to be a collections of link lists, a bunch of unrelated posts or a mirror of Hillary's other blogs. We aim to keep this blog filled with interesting content and well thought out posts. To this end, we have decided to decrease our official posting schedule to twice a month. We will try to keep to once every two weeks, but, depending on scheduling and time needed for articles we are working on, it may work out differently. Also, if we have enough conent for more than 2 posts per month, we will certainly post it. We are sorry to have to announce this decrease, but we see no other way to maintain and improve the quality of our posts.