Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creation Sunday - Handmade Upcycled Scarf Journal

It is getting ever closer to the holidays again and Hillary is making some fantastic things for her friends anf family.  However, she can't post them here until after the holidays.  So, today Hillary is going to share with you a project she made for her mother last Christmas.
My mother keeps a journal regularly and loves having pretty books to write her thoughts in.  Last Christmas, I made her this lovely book using the instructions in this video.

For my version of the project, I bought a purple plaid fleecey, flannely, scarf from the thrift store and cut it in half cross-wise.  The scarf ended up being an excellent choice because the pattern was pretty, the scarf was exactly the right width across, the fringe was a nice, decorative touch and the fabric did not fray at all. In addition to the pretty fabric, I used a dark red thread for a bit of contrast and a hand painted a black button that I painted myself with bright colors of acryllic paint.  The only thing I did differently as far as technique is that I got a small awl from my local leather-working shop to help punch holes through all the paper and fabric.
As you can see, it turned out beautifully.  This was an excellent, personal gift that was both easy and inexpensive to make.  We hope you enjoyed seeing our project and hope it has inspired you to create!

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