Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trash to... real food, clothing and housing.

Hillary Found an amazing story from NPR about a foundation in Manilla that teaches women to make jewelry out of trash. Please be warned that the story is a truthful depiction of the rather disturbing circumstances that some people live in in manila. Here is a link to the story and below are Hillary's comments:

The idea that there is a whole culture in Manila based around trash because they can't make enough money for basic needs like food, clothing and shelter saddens me. Any project, or foundation that can use the local culture to help people have a better life is amazing. The Phillipine Christian foundation saw a culture built on trash and scavenging and helped build a real business around it so that women could earn a living and help feed their families something other than scraps. This is brilliant, and, more importantly improves the quality of life for many families in an area where most people have no permanent address, minimal earnings, no food and nothing that many of us take for granted. Amazing.

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