Friday, August 17, 2012

New jewelry pieces and a new treasury!

Hi there, Hillary wanted to share with you some of the htings she has been up to recently!  First, she made a "rosie the riveter" themed treasury in honor of labor day.

Next, Hillary made a few new pieces pictured below and has plans for more!  We will take pictures of these in our awesome plastic container photo studio very soon so we can list them on the etsy shop!
The first one is a wire wrapped black Zwarovski Crystal we recently obtained as a part of a large lot of very awesome and very sparkly crystals.  The next one is a bottle cap pendant created from a unique bottlecap obtained as a part of a large donation of bottlecaps from a friend (pictured at the bottom).  So not only do we have some new pieces to put up, we have tons of materials for more new and amazing creations to put in the shop soon!

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