Sunday, August 12, 2012

Creation Sunday - Lemon Verbena, part 1

This summer I have been busy with all kinds of pursuits including gaming conventions, working on a costume, working at my new job a whole lot and herb gardening.  With all these fun pursuits comes less time to post (sorry) and all kinds of new opportunities for creation and.... HERBS!  Today I'm going to start a three part (at least) series of food I've created with one of my newly discovered favorite herbs - lemon verbena.

The first "recipe" is so simple, you'll probably call me a charlatan for calling it a recipe once you read it, but it is extremely tasty nonetheless.

Lemon Verbena herbed pasta with Chicken


-1 box of "Garlic and Olive oil vermecelli" Pasta Roni
-Water and butter called for on pasta box
-3 fresh leaves of lemon Verbena (whole)
-5 oz of pre-cooked chicken in medium sized pieces (I bought the "grilled" kind from the refrigerator section and just cut the bigger pieces in half or thirds as necessary)


Put water and margarine called for by box in pot.  Place lemon Verbena leaves in pot also.  Boil according to directions.  Allow to boil on medium for 2-4 minutes. Remove verbena leaves from pot with tongs.  Add seasonings and pasta as directed on the box.  Continue to cook as directed by the box.  About halfway through cooking, put the chicken in.  Continue to cook as directed by the box until food is done.

See, I told you?  Super simple, but you would be surprised how much flavor the verbena adds just by being steeped in the water for a little while.
Two more verbena recipes will be coming your way soon and some updates on new jewelry as well as, hopefully, some more interviews.  Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

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