Friday, June 1, 2012

Interview with Heather from Weaving Web

Today We bring you an interview from Heather of the Weaving Web, a talented crafts-person who draws inspiration from her unique religious beliefs.  Thank you very much for taking the time to share with us, Heather!

How did you get started with arts and crafts and how has that relationship developed over time?

I really begin many years ago making simple hemp necklaces and bracelets to wear when I was in high school (1996). In 2006 I started making medicine bags out of leather and collecting stones, and began to read about what healing properties they had. Then in 2010 I decided I wanted to learn how to sew, so I bought and sewing machine and with a help of a friend I learned how to sew. Next came the jewelry making, which came very easy to me and I just started crafting like a mad woman.
I feel a real connection to everything that I make and I do enjoying creating new things all the time. It is just a wonderful thing to do.

According to your profile, A big part of your life and the items you create is your pagan and native American Nature based beliefs, which you say you didn't get into until a few years ago. If you don't mind, can you tell us where you started as far as religion and personal philosophy, how you came to believe in the things you do and how that belief has developed to where you are now.

When I was 16, I decided I wanted to learn more about alternative beliefs. I began reading about Paganism and the different kinds of witchcraft practices. I have been a solitary practicing Witch more many years now. In 2006 I joined a wonderful community that practices Native American (predominately Hopi) practices and saw how I was able to intertwine my own practices with it. Since this time I am doing a seven year apprenticeship with our community leader, learning all I can about Native American ways of healing, ritual, etc. I have been able to intertwine my Pagan practices within this and it has been wonderful. I became an interfaith minister in 2009, and I now teach spiritual circles and do Rune, Card, and other readings at my home in Lexington, KY.

Have you found a lot of resistance to your ideas and your shop or do you find it's easy to connect with people who understand what it is that you do and sell?

I have not found a lot of resistance with others toward my shop. Everyone seems really friendly and very encouraging.

What would you want someone who believes differently from you to understand about you and the items from your shop?

I would want these people to know that everything that I make, I make in a good way and put love, light, and good healing energies in. My motto is "Harm None" and "Walk in Beauty".

Why do you think that the items in your shop are special?

I think what makes my items special is the time and love that I put into making them. I always clear the space with sage and when I'm done I always clear the items so that they are infused with good energy. I never make things if I am not feeling in a good way.

What would you say to other uniquely gifted artists who want to do what you do?

Just do it!! Don't be afraid to create your what you feel you should. You will love the experience and you might be surprised by the response of others loving what you've created!

Last but not least, where can we connect with you and your art?

Right now I'm only online,
I do have a facebook page at

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