Friday, April 6, 2012

Interview with Darcie of Synchronic

Today we are featuring an interview with Darcie of Synchronic.  Darcie is a talented fabric artist who creates a variety of eclectic items.  She even made the purse that Hillary currently carries!
First, tell us about your history with arts and crafts. How did they first come in to your life and how did you eventually settle on your current art form?

I was blessed to grow up in an arts and crafts family and was drawn to anything creative from the start. Raised with the idea that I could create anything I imagined without a penny, my first fabric creations were recycled scrap transformed into barbie ballroom dresses. Living in what most would call poverty, my world was always rich with possibilities. That idea grew in me as I matured and influenced every art form I played with. As I began my Etsy shop, my first objective was to Shine the Light of celebrate the idea of enough : )

How has your style developed over the years and what in your life do you think has influenced that?

I was blessed with a school system that encouraged creative expression in the classroom (something we don't see much today). We were given the supplies and an idea, but from there we were expected to use our own creative process. Using our minds in this way, rather than the current paradigm that says "re-create this exact example the best you can" helped me to rely on and trust my creative instincts. This greatest blessing...that trusting, secure feeling has allowed me to approach so many projects with the idea that anything is possible... that I can create anything I can imagine, with the supplies at hand.
Where do you get your inspiration from?

I stand in front of my rather large fabric stash and colors pop out and say "I belong"! Then, based on the shape of the fabric at hand, I connect them into a design that flows. Always, thrift, comfort, and celebration of life : )

Your shop has an eclectic mix of items including purses, table runners, skirts, etc. So many artisans choose to just focus on one or a few items (e.g. "only purses" or "only blouses, skirts and pants"), what led you to featuring a mix of items and how do/did you arrive at the mix you have?

Some fabrics say they want to be something different. Plus, I have too many ideas to be content with just one.

You mentioned in our etsy conversation that you're in the mountains. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

My little family lives with our greater family in the mountains of Montana... a full hour from the city lights and fifteen minutes from the sound of the highway. The stars and moon at night are so bright they cast a shadow. and sky : )
What is your favorite thing in life?

My favorite thing in the universe are those breathtaking moments of synchronicity that allow me to witness the miracle of connection and flow ~

What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

The Infinite Possibilities : )
What would you say to other artists trying to create a business for themselves?

Follow your heart and soul. Create from your center and others will want to be a part of that. Resist creating from a place that asks "What will make money?"

And finally, where can we find you and your art?

You can find many of my creations at I may also be a part of the Great Falls, Montana Saturday Market this year.

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