Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creation Sunday 2-18-12 - Valentine's kiss cookies

This week, Hillary is going to share some rich chocolate cookie treats that she made for valentines dinner.

In trying to construct a plan for valentines, I tried to find something unique, chocolatey and easy to make.  With Valentine's being on a Tuesday, I needed food that was rich but took minimal effort/time to prepare.

I ended up with butternut squash soup--a doctored form of a major store brand, citrusy/fruity chicken--a concoction which will probably make it's way to my dinner table many times but will probably never taste the same twice, boil in bag rice, and some awesome kiss cookies-- a variant on the official Hershey's "Magical Kiss Cookies" Recipe.  "Why a variant?" you ask. because I didn't have time to do anything ahead of time so I needed the best combination of fast and decadent I could find.

What I did was super simple, super fast, and one of the richest things I have ever eaten.
I used pre-made mini chocolate chip brownie dough in place of making the cookie dough in the original recipe.  I then followed cooking instructions per the recipe but checked the cookies more frequently to make sure that I did not burn them.  In between checking, I made Chocolate Powdered Sugar (using the most potent option in the linked recipe).

When the bottoms of the cookies were brown, I took them out, let them cool for about 5-10 minutes until they were just firm enough to get pushed around in the powdered sugar, covered the cookies good, put them on a plate and served immediately.  They were a warm, gooey, chocolatey pile of awesomeness. 

This is definitely one of those treats that is much more delectable than it has any right to be given that it uses processed ingredients and takes almost no time.  You should definitely give this one a shot any time you need something amazing and quick.  Also, If you're super pressed for time like I was, you can even just make a few and refrigerate the rest of the brownie dough for later.

I hope you find these cookies to be as yummy as I did!  Look for new updates soon!

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