Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Child's Play 2011. Buy Hand Made Jewelry and help out Children's Hospitals at the same time!

Like every year, we will be donating 20% of all sales from our etsy shop to http://childsplaycharity.org, a charity that helps out children's hospitals throughout the world. They have already raised over half a million dollars in the last month and hope we can help give them some more. I started keeping track on thanksgiving and will turn the final donation in on Dec 30th. All sales count including sale items, custom items, and in person sales (if you know me in real life). These guys rock; help them out!

Why do they rock? Because it's a couple of passionate gamers, who write a webcomic, who got tired of the negative light that the media painted gamers in and decided to start a charity for Children's hospitals. So far this year they have raised over $700,000 and it all goes to help kids in hospitals.

Hillary continues to be avid gamer and humanitarian. She loves that there is a way that her jewelry businesses can help out and she really loves that there is a charity that promotes a positive image of an amazing group of people that she is proud to belong to.

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