Sunday, December 6, 2009


We apologize for this being late, but Hillary wanted to be sure to show off her Halloween costume and mention the talented individuals and great sellers that went in to making her "Coraline" costume a success.

For her sweater, Hillary Went to a Local Thrift store and bought a blue sparkly sweater. Then She ordered some custom made silver stars from Lavdender Lady Bug. She glued them on with fabric glue and voila!

For her hair, she hair, she went to her amaing hairdresser Angie at fringe in Birmingham, AL and had her usually purple streaks turned blue.

She got AmGlam Creations to make her some great dragonfly clips.

To finish it all off, she checked out Ebay and bought some great boots from jag319.

Hillary had a blast at Halloween and loved everything so much (including the blue hair) that she keeps finding reasons to wear things again. We hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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