Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Queen's new necklace

As you may know from previous posts, Hillary is a bit of a Board Game gee... err... enthusiast. This week she made board game related jewelry. "Queen's Necklace" is a game about buying gems and selling them to the Queen. For you true geeks out there he major mechanics are resource acquisition and bidding. In said game, thee is included, an actual "queen's necklace" which you wear during play if you sold the queen the gems she's wearing in her necklace. This is what came in the box

Here is a nicer picture of a different color necklace from the same game.

It's adequate and about what you would expect from anything mass produced, but, of course, Hillary couldn't let it rest-- She had to make a shinier, better, Queen's Necklace.

The pendant is made from two separate glass moons which Hillary wrapped together with tarnish resistant copper wire. The necklace itself is hemp cording with lamp work beads placed at intervals. The clasp assembly is nice and large to facilitate clasping and removal as the necklace does move from person to person during the game. Hillary skipped game night tonight due to some pressing personal matters, but was glad to be able to work on the necklace. She and her husband plan on taking "Queen's Necklace" to the Friday game night at La Reunion in Helena. Hillary can't wait to play the game with a bright and shiny original Queen's Necklace!

We would also like to show off this necklace that another fellow Geek Wife made specifically to fit the style of the necklace on the card. It's quite stunning and shows off considerable skill.

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  1. I like to wear this kind of jewelry... I like this necklace design... It's so sweet!!