Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Weekend

First of all we like to wish all of the moms out there, including ours, a very happy Mother's Day! We hope all you Mom's had a great day and all you kids let your mothers know how much they are appreciated.

Second of all, we would like to remind you that arty party is next weekend. Arty Party is an art auction fundraiser for Birmingham AIDS Outreach, a local social service organization that provides basic needs services (food, clothing, medication assistance, etc.) for HIV positive individuals. Hillary worked the event last year and said she had a blast, despite being on the clock. She said that there was art to suit every style, the food was fabulous, there was an abundance of alcohol (for non-employees) and the people were friendly and generous. This is a good thing, because this year it looks like AIDS service organizations may need a little extra help from the community if the state budget doesn't get changed before it gets voted in.

Next we would like to say "hi" to everyone we met at Buck Creek this weekend! Hillary socialized, grabbed cards, and, of course, bought some great arts and crafts. Hillary bought some beautiful agate slices that you can expect to see in upcoming pieces, a cute little bow for her friend's daughter from Polkadots and pinstripes, A great pink skull bottle cap necklace from Country Princess Bow*tique, a cute purse for her mother-in-law from Happy Hippy Wear (great name!), and a beautiful fairy painting from an artist who's name she has unfortunately forgotten (and who's card she did not get). She also saw other talented artists and artisans including Grethel Van Epps Photography, who is doing a contest to give away her services to someone who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

And finally, we would like to let you know that we listed 5 new items on our etsy shop this past week including some great new bottlecap pendants.

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