Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our favorites list

We wanted to do our post early and keep it short this week because Hillary is going to be out of town starting Thursday so that she can participate in the Panoply Choreography Competition in Huntsville, AL. This week we're going to post a few of our ETSY favorites.

This Ilk - Handmade lace jewelry. It's like nothing we've ever seen before. It's elegant and bold and, best of all, lightweight no matter how large or dangly the jewelry is.

Rocket Science Style - Vegan friendly wallets made of vinyl and pretty handmade batiked fabric. Hillary has bought some custom pieces from here and she never shuts up about them.

Madelaine - Fine art photography and digital art. We like it because we are partial to art containing dancers, art with dark themes, and art that's a little off the norm and Madelaine's art is definitely all three.

Creamy Pear - How can you not love jewelry and clothing made to look like cupcakes, cookies and ice cream?

LiDDesigns - Great hair accessories and hats including some with butterflies. Hillary would never allow this one to be left off the list.

Brilliant Batik by Zyhan - Beautiful hand painted and batiked scarves with a great retro feel.

Hope you enjoy the list! See you next weekend!

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